Package Services in France

Package Services in France

French-Office provides many services like package services in France to help individuals and business. 

Whether you are sole-proprietor selling products on-line, or a large company, our parcel solutions can help you quickly and cost-effectively grow your business in France.

How you can benefit from Parcel Services in France:

Care to buy some products in France; but the merchant doesn’t ship internationally?  We can group your purchases into a single shipment to save transport costs.

Are you regularly sending orders to customers in France?  Would you like to save on shipping costs?  By consolidating them into a bulk shipment you can save on shipping.  We will receive the shipment and make sure the orders get delivered to your customers.

Are you worried about the time it takes to get orders delivered to French customers?  What if you stored your inventory in our warehouse and had us prepare and ship your orders?  Not only will you reduce delivery time, but you can also eliminate customs’ headaches and reduce fees.

If you had a local French partner for processing your product returns, would it enhance your customer service?  We can process your returns; efficiently and economically.  Rather than paying international shipping fees on individual orders to receive a return, you could pay domestic rates instead.  We can receive, inspect, recondition and send you products in a bulk shipment.

Besides Package Services in France

We do more than just parcels to help you grow your business.   In addition to parcel services in France, we offer a wide range of services to help take your business to the next level.  

First, we can help you with administrative procedures like creating a company or obtaining a VAT number.  Next we can translate your website to increase traffic and search engine ranking.  

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