Get a French Phone Number

Get a French Phone Number

Having a French phone number can really help boost your business.

Potential customers appreciate having a local French phone number.  Existing customers appreciate being able to reach you toll-free or at the cost of a local call.
Your virtual phone number in France gives you local presence from afar. 

From simple call forwarding to live call answering, your virtual French phone number offers a real professional presence in France.  Select one of our virtual phone number plans that best fits your needs.

VOIP landline number

A French landline number can be assigned to your company. The calls can be received directly in your premises and integrated to your own phone system or connected to a dedicated device.

French Fax for you

Fax machines have all but disappeared, but sometimes you still need to send or receive a fax. At any time, day or night, you can send or receive a fax though your personal online interface.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to your virtual French Number to your local number. When a contact calls your French phone number, the call is automatically transferred to the telephone number of your choice.

Voice Mail

This option allows all calls to your virtual French number to go to voicemail. All voicemail messages recorded by your callers are automatically sent to your personal email.

How to get a virtual phone number in France?

Get a French phone number to expand your company business

Sign up on-line for one of our monthly plans.

Choose from:

  •  normal number
  • toll-free number
  • phone number in a city or region of choice
  • call forwarding
  • voicemail
All of our plans are affordable and flexible.
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