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French Office is a company created in 2005 by Gilbert Schaffer and Brigitte Baudoz.
The idea came after some long travels around the world and life experiences abroad. The founders spent some months as backpakers in Asia and south America, then cruised the Caribean for two years. More recently they spent two years working in South America. Everytime they left home, they had to ask family or friends to help take care of their mail and other business in France. There was no really convenient solution to be found.

So they first decided to offer a value-added internet service with full postal mail scanning.
Then the company grew quickly and now offers a full virtual office in France with mail, phone and logistics services.


Jérémie is an engineer and has always developed customized services for Businesses. He likes innovation and creative solutions.

“I am always motivated when I can help a company to grow and expand. Our logistic and administrative solutions are really adapted to small and middle sized companies. With an important team onboard, I am happy to see that French-Office is becoming a major partner for our domestic & overseas clients.”

Michael - Sales Manager

With executive level experience in several multinational entreprises, Michael brings his focus on customer satisfaction and IT knowledge to the table.

“I really enjoy working with the French-Office team and our customers. For mail, we offer a safe and innovative solution. For parcels, our flexible system helps foreign citizens shop in France, while also offering a logistics platform for all professional needs. I really enjoy helping people who need a reliable agent in France for all aspects of their business.”

A flexible and efficient team for you

Since it began in 2005, the company has been developing new offers :

  • Clients now ask us to carry out many of their administrative tasks (French cheque depositing, invoice payment, letter answering, fax sending, bulk mailing etc).
  • A dedicated delivery point enables all non-French nationals to shop on line and then have us forward their parcels to their home.
  • French Office offers high-tech solutions for calls and phone services for international companies

Marie-Pierre - Sales Advisor

Débora - Sales Advisor

Anna - Sales Representative

Gaspard - Sales Representative

Fabrice French Office IT Developer

Fabrice - IT Developer

Eva- Communication Assistant

Operational Team - They take care of your mails and parcels







Our ways to manage your business

Professionals at your service !

Our team and tools are constantly being re-evaluated to better satisfy you.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday throughout the year without interruption at +33 4 58 00 50 81 from 9am to 18pm.

The call number is not surcharged and you will not fall on a PLC.

The communication by email is also very fast, you have an answer within 24hrs worked with all your requests.

Our experiences of travel and expatriation guarantee you to benefit from the best to relieve you in your preparations. Our efficiency guarantees you the best quality and flexibility for handling your mail.

The company moved in 2011 to larger and better-adapted premises. These business premises, including offices and warehouses, are under alarm and video surveillance 24 hours a day.

High tech equipment

Our company constantly invests in its tools and organization.

To meet the growing volume of our customers and to guarantee an optimal quality of service, French Office invested in servers with high availability.

In order to guarantee the day-to-day processing of your mail, French Office invested in 2007 in high-performance scanners.

French Office invests every day and continues to offer you the most efficient online back-office on the market.

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