Logistics Handling Services in France

Logistics Handling Services in France

French-Office manages your parcels...and more!

Order Fulfillment

Returns Handling

Deconsolidation / Dropshipping

Customers get their orders faster at a lower cost.  Resupply Amazon fulfillment centers just in time.

Customers appreciate quick returns processing.  We return items to your supplier so you get credited sooner.    

Save on shipping fees by sending us bulk shipments of your orders.  We deconsolidate your shipment and get the orders delivered. 

Doing business in France can be easy and profitable with French-Office.  

Our English speaking staff will assist you with the logistics handling services you need.  

Join the Winning Team!
Number One choice for businesses in France.

Besides Logistics Handling Services in France, we offer different services to help your company.  Get established, or  increase your presence in France.   

Use our administrative services, such as:

  •  getting a VAT number,
  • setting up a branch,
  • a registered address
  • postal mail processing
  • translation
  • check deposits
  • document scanning


If you’re looking to set-up shop in France or grow your existing business, you can count on our 16 years of experience. 

Reach your objectives faster with French-Office, the experienced partner for your company’s Logistics Handling Services in France.

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